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Monday, August 19, 2019
Beekeeping Lessons

Beekeeping Lessons

Thu, Dec 6, 18, 12:42, 9 Months ago
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A list of places to get beekeeping lessons. Also included is several tips to maximize beekeeping education and become a better beekeeper.

Once you have made the decision to become a beekeeper, you will need some beekeeping lessons to ensure your hobby or business venture is a safe and memorable experience. It is imperative that you are trained before you actually come into contact with the bees.

There are a variety of options available to you for training. You may need to combine a few of these beekeeping lessons in order to get a full view of beekeeping. It is extremely important that you take the time to ensure you are fully trained. Beekeeping is most definitely a fascinating hobby or business, but it could turn deadly. Explore as many avenues of beekeeping lessons as you can to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from beekeeping.=

Options for Beekeeping Lessons

  • Beekeeper Associations - Many states have beekeeper associations. The purpose of a beekeeper association is to teach people about bees in general and offer education on how to safely and responsibly keep bees. An association will also provide a forum where you can communicate with other beekeepers for support.
  • Local 4-H - Your local 4-H may have a time when they are studying beekeeping. It is also the perfect opportunity to teach children the basics of beekeeping.
  • Local University Agriculture Agent - An agriculture agent is someone who is employed by the government to help people who live in rural areas with different methods of farming and economics. Consider talking to an agriculture agent from a local university. This person should be able to give you detailed information about beekeeping.
  • Internet - The Internet has endless possibilities for learning about beekeeping. When using the Internet, it is important to research a variety of sites. Compare these sites to make sure the information you are getting is current and accurate. The problem with the Internet is that anyone can post information on the web. The Internet is a great way to determine if beekeeping is for you, as it will give you some basic information about beekeeping and will give you some things to consider before starting this hobby or business.
  • Beekeeping Guides - A guide will generally give you more in-depth information. It will not only give you the basics of beekeeping, but it will also share with you different obstacles you may encounter and how to avoid or handle these situations. Beekeeping guides can be found at your local library, in book stores, or on the 
  • Internet in the form of an e-book or in print for purchase.
  • Courses - There are many different courses you can take. Classes can be offered through the Internet, local beekeepers, 4-H organizations, and beekeeper associations. 
  • A class is similar to a beekeeping guide; however, a person is available to you for questions. It will give you complete details regarding beekeeping, and will provide more advanced information than what can be found free on the Internet.
  • Experienced Beekeepers - This is likely the best source for beekeeping lessons. An experienced beekeeper knows exactly what to teach you. This person will be able to share his/her experiences and give you detailed information and tips on how to keep bees responsibly. The beekeeping lessons you learn from an experienced beekeeper are priceless.

Tips for Beekeeping Lessons

Start your research during the winter months. This way you will be ready to start beekeeping in the early spring. When searching for the best source for beekeeping, make sure the source is reliable. Check references or search the Internet on the company, e-book, association, beekeeper, etc. Find out if there are any complaints on the information that is being provided.

Do not rely on just one source. Remember to try combining some or even all of the above beekeeping lessons to ensure you are receiving the most accurate and current information possible.

If you are thinking of taking up Beekeeping either just as a hobby or maybe to develop into a profitable business and would like more information about the subject, there is an excellent e-book available by Nick Winters called "Beekeeping 101" that will guide you through from complete novice to expert!

Beekeeping 101

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