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Thursday, January 21, 2021
How To Style Jackets For Edgy Halloween Outlook?

How To Style Jackets For Edgy Halloween Outlook?

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Mon, Aug 31, 20, 12:18, 5 Months ago
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Jackets are everyone's favorite by being a ray of light present at the end of a dark tunnel, where we often find ourselves stuck every morning. When running late for the business meeting, these jackets come up as our saviors at the time when we can't find anything to wear. Adding spark to our personality with its delicate and intricate designs and complimenting every outfit makes it the perfect choice for any event. Let it be a Halloween party or friends gathering, and a Halloween Leather Jacket is an ideal pick for both of them. 

Being the jack-of-all-trades that they are, styling them up is still a tricky thing, and with these ideas, consider yourself a fashion stylist! Either you look into the gaming world or the entertainment industry, you will find jackets everywhere. They can give you a relaxed and refined look by providing you with an open ground to play with the same jacket and get a badass appearance. Sounds amazing. These qualities make jackets an important part of Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 guide to get an edgy but trendy look this year. 

Movie and TV series-inspired Halloween jacket costumes and quirky fun outfits seem to overshadow the spooky costumes in recent years. Many celebrities also spotted going for these costumes, and now the laymen have also started to copy them. These jackets have this power to give you an alternate Leather Jacket Costume based on any character if you can't find the specific costume. This year drop the idea of traditional scary appearance and reveal your fun side out in the open with the amazing top layers themed on your beloved celebrity!

If you want to add a little vintage look to your Halloween costume, then a Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket is your go-to. Tom Cruise wore the gorgeous jacket as Lt. Pete' Maverick' Mitchell in the super-hit movie 'Top Gun' has been inspiring us for many years. The iconic Maverick jacket with a modish design shows off a retro vibe that makes it a potential candidate to attain an edgy Halloween costume. Fashion enthusiasts have even included this jacket in Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 list, so don't hesitate and pull off the classy Cruise look this year.

Wear the jacket over a basic white tee and zip up the front. Opt for the black trousers for the bottom to get the vintage vibe. You can even get a flight suit and wear it over the white t-shirt. Then layer the suit with the Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket and get a Maverick inspired aviator look. Accessorize the costume with black sunglasses and fake steel dog tags. Slip-on military boots to complement the perfect fighter pilot look this Halloween party. For extra marks, take a partner with you dressed as Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood, Maverick's love interest, and don an un-matchable couple Halloween look.

Now, if you're thinking of going as a mysterious detective but don't want the typical 'Sherlock Holmes' look, then Detective Gavin Reed is here to cover you. The genius mind from the popular video game 'Detroit: Become Human' makes headlines with his un-apologetically arrogant personality. He usually wears a Gavin Reed Brown Jacket for the detective look, and the scar that he has on his face makes him look like a mysterious person. His outfit is the edgiest of them all for this Halloween party as people might appear as the robotic 'androids' from the video game, but very few intellects like you would choose Detective Gavin.

This time, wear a long-sleeved black shirt, layer it with a Gavin Reed Brown Jacket and opt for jeans for the bottom. He often styles his leather jacket with a hoodie to give off those strong detective vibes. Accessorize your look with a DPD badge on the left hip like him and handcuffs and gun holsters on the right one. Finish your look with a scar going diagonally from your face's right side to the left across the nose. Watch out for any android at the party!

With these amazing Halloween costume ideas 2020, staying on-trend with minimal efforts has become possible even for the beginners. Jackets, either made of leather or denim, are now a 'new big thing' for Halloween's party to spice up your appearance. Munch on those owl-eyed cookies in style!


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