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Saturday, December 2, 2023
Looking for A Business Messaging App for Android? Here's What You Need to Know?

Looking for A Business Messaging App for Android? Here's What You Need to Know?

Posted in: Communications
Wed, Oct 24, 18, 08:43, 5 Yaers ago
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Today almost every industry is working in digital space to either market their products effectively or to communicate between their teams globally. Especially companies spread across the globe, working on several domains seek a crystal clear communication.

Today in this article I'll discuss a few things on how to choose your communication channel for your employees either operating in the same premises or spread across the globe.

Choosing a business messaging app may look easier than it actually is. Imagine if a restricted message goes to all the employees. What effect will it make? Before choosing a messaging app for your company, keep a few things in mind:

Is the business messaging application secured? Is it capable of setting up different teams? How evenly can it work, dealing with the client base? Is it secured enough creating a firewall for external threats? How is the internal communication analytics measured?

Get a secured connection!

Will you allow your employees to access their email for work? I guess not! It will put a straight security threat to your organization, even if you fire them. Well, the same concept is applicable when we consider a messaging app. So while choosing a messaging app, you must keep all your data encrypted on a server.

Employee Communication

A simple rule. The easier it is for employees to communicate the faster the working process will be. Choose an app which provides you simple user interface and a stable connection throughout the day is essential. Moreover, the messaging app must give your employees the freedom to connect from anywhere to the office network 24hrs a day. (with secured connections)


Think about how messy it would get if an employee doesn't know where to find the right person for help. In your business messaging app, define various teams like marketing, finance, support, Human Recourse, Client Relationship Management, etc. This will help the employees easily navigate through the app and get to approach the right person every time they need.


One of the most essential components in a messaging app is analytics. Analytics is like a brain which records all the details whatever happens throughout the body. This will help you with better decision making, choosing the right channel for communication, transparency into the conversations, and choosing the right content. Choose an app capable of providing detailed insights and easy analytics.

Manage Your Clients Well

A happy client is like a Holy Grail in business these days. Right! Choosing a business messaging app is not only about the employee communication and analytics. However, it also includes customer relationship management. Diving deep, a messaging app must include a client relationship portal restricted to particular teams. This will not just help you analyze the communication patterns, but give you a clear overview of client requirements.


Before making a choice make sure it has a robust support system. A secure communication channel backed up a fully-fledged support system is a perfect combination to work with.

I am sure these points will help you choose your app wisely. However, you don't have to worry if you still have a doubt or a query regarding the same. Connect to us anytime anywhere. Our experts are ready to help you.

Prashant Bhatia, who is associated with ttexto, a complete chat app for business organizations to help them tap an improved level of conversations with their contacts.


John Moore
John Moore - 5 Yaers ago, Wed, Oct 24, 2018, 09:11:24

I don't really get this! What is wrong with traditional text messages instead of complicating things with extra clutter on your phone?

Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler - 5 Yaers ago, Sat, Oct 27, 2018, 13:40:22
It's not about complicating things, it's to make things easier and help things run more smoothly!
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