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Saturday, December 2, 2023
Top Custom Printed Blunt Boxes Wholesale Rate

Top Custom Printed Blunt Boxes Wholesale Rate

Posted in: Animation
Wed, May 26, 21, 07:44, 3 Yaers ago
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We also offer corrugated material that is more strong and durable to protect your products. Because of the thickness of the corrugated material it is mostly used for shipping of the product because of its protective nature.

Choose the perfect Blunt Boxes

To carry cigarettes and pre rolls the packaging should be really amazing. So for these amazing products you can choose blunt boxes. For the perfect arrangement of your product inside the box we have latest box styles. So, for these boxes we have top tuck, flip top, window die cut, sleeve packaging and many more. You can also add handles along with blunt boxes so that it can be easily carried. Moreover these boxes are available in different shapes such as rectangle, square, cylindrical, oval etc. The shape of the box makes your packaging look in an organized way.


You can have these boxes in different size. These sizes of the blunt boxes easily fit the product inside the box. Other than this all the styles shapes and size are available on our website. These boxes are also very perfect because these are affordable. You can get blunt boxes are really amazing price. Our prices are unbeatable in the market.  Moreover we also offer flat off on the packaging in the bulk form. We offer wholesale rates for your packaging. You can also get flat off on different events.

Focus on eye-catching packaging

To enhance your product sales you should focus in the product packaging. It should be attractive that the customer turns towards it again and again. For this you can add different designs to the packaging. As these designs can give your packaging a really attractive look. These designs can be harsh smooth loud according to the nature of product inside the blunt boxes. You can customize the designs of the packaging with the help of our professionals. Professional`s help to design blunt boxes according to your desire. The designs of the packaging can be smooth, loud, and harsh according to your desire.


You can add amazing colors with the help of color scheme that make your packaging look vibrant and funky look.  These boxes can make your product amazing for the customers. You can also customize blunt boxes for different events. You can add colors and the designs according to the theme of the event. All these designs are available on our website. There is a large variety in the features of the packaging. And if you want customize blunt boxes according to your own choice professionals free consultation is always available for your help. So feel free to contact with us.

Choose the high quality material

These boxes should be stable and durable to keep your product safe. So the material to manufacture the blunt boxes should not be compromised. So for blunt boxes we have cardboard and Kraft. These are light weight and can be mold in different shapes according to your requirement. You can easily carry them from one place to another. We also offer corrugated material that is more strong and durable to protect your products. Because of the thickness of the corrugated material it is mostly used for shipping of the product because of its protective nature.

The boxes are completely ecofriendly so that you can easily dispose it after use. As well as you can reuse it to carry different products in it. These are totally water resistant so that it can keep your product safe in case of any such incident. The ecofriendly nature is completely favorable for the marketing of the product. iCustomboxes customize any kind of boxes such as packaging boxes for food, custom donut boxes, cereal box blank, custom candy packaging.

promotion brand

For the advertisement of the product we can add different printings on the packaging. These blunt boxes can have amazing features with help of latest printing techniques.  These techniques can add variety to the packaging. With help of these techniques you can add a number of graphics on the packaging. You can add company logo on the blunt boxes so that it can do your brand promotion as well as you can also add some amazing descriptions about the product. You can print the ingredients and other such features on the packaging. If you want to gift it someone you can print wishes greetings on the boxes. Moreover blunt boxes can also help you to give smooth and decent look with the help of amazing finishing coatings.  We offer free shipping of your amazing packaging. For more details visit icustomboxes website and get amazing packaging.




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