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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
How to Create a Customized Contract For Business Proposals?

How to Create a Customized Contract For Business Proposals?

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Tue, Jun 22, 21, 16:21, 3 Months ago
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Building a business proposal is not that easy to look at. While there are certain elements that are always necessary - like the foundation - a home will vary based on its location and the preferences of the architect or homeowner.


Building a business proposal is not that easy to look at. While there are certain elements that are always necessary - like the foundation - a home will vary based on its location and the preferences of the architect or homeowner. Like everything else, a well-written proposal begins with gathering information and assessing the problems your prospect is trying to solve.

With this in mind, the following points are what readers want to read from your offering. Your background, your qualifications and why you are a better match for us than the rest of your competitors. 

Proven knowledge of the problem

Prove that you have listened and researched. You know what the customer needs and you have a workable solution. Pricing and methodology. How you intend to solve the customer's problem, information about your proposed solution and how much it will cost. 

In the next section, we'll show you how to write a business proposal, using our social media proposal template as an example to create a customized contract.


While the template we're using is an example of a simple project proposal, the basic structure applies to almost any business proposal - no matter how complex it may be.

Structure each Section Properly to create a customized contract

As you write your quote, keep in mind that this section is both the most important and the most flexible section of all.

Your entire offering doesn't have to be bundled into a single, long section. 

  • Strategic evaluation

  • implementation

  • Goals and outlook

There are other combinations you can try, depending on what your offering looks like and how you want your solution to be explained.

If you're offering a complex solution to a customer problem, breaking your offering into bite-sized pieces is a great way to make sure readers understand your solution.

Improve your quote writing skills

To create an offer that engages your prospect and helps them find the information they are looking for easily, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Get a Proper visual

Include quantitative data. This will help you to increase your sales up to 35%. Which sounds better? Which is more convincing? Numbers and facts catch the eye and help to build trust.

Embrace the digital age. If you send your quote electronically, you can include videos about your product or service (these are a great addition to your service area), easily annotate and edit, and provide the option to electronically sign your document.

Read and read again. Your offering gives your customer an idea of ​​the quality of work they can expect from your company. If it's full of typing, spelling, grammatical errors, or just looking sloppy, it's unlikely you'll close the deal. Be sure to double-check each passage for errors before sending it to prospects or saving it as a template.

Keep an eye on costs

The creation of individual, professional business offers can take hours of research, advice and preparation - without any guarantee of success. Smart companies are doing everything they can to reduce the cost of preparing a quote by creating special templates to speed up the process. According to our research, an average of 20 documents is generated from each template created. 

Agreement & CTA

Depending on your business proposal, you could include an agreement, call to action, and terms and conditions at the end of your document.

With your digital signature online below you accept this social media marketing offer and enter into a contractual agreement with Jump Social Media Marketing, which begins with the date of the free e signature below:

In many jurisdictions, offers are considered legally binding contracts if they meet the criteria to create a customized contract. By adding legal wording and/or the best online signature app prompt to the end of your document, you may be entering into a contract sooner than expected.

This may not be ideal if your quote is just to make a rough estimate or to get the customer into further negotiations.


If you do not intend to make a legally binding contract out of your offer, make a note of this on your document and encourage the reader to contact you to help move the process forward.

On the other hand, well-crafted offers can serve as full contracts with all the necessary terms to get started right away.

When you're confident of the scope of the work and willing to do the extra work, let the customer know by getting them to sign.


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