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Sunday, February 5, 2023
Study In Canada Without IELTS – Possible Alternatives

Study In Canada Without IELTS – Possible Alternatives

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Fri, Nov 18, 22, 11:16, 3 Months ago
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Student visas can still be obtained without IELTS by providing another alternative test score.

IELTS might seem like a must for studying in Canada if you take things at face value. The challenge isn't insurmountable, but rest assured that it isn't insurmountable. Absolutely not. Below you will find the comprehensive guide we have put together to assist you in preparing for your tests in English language proficiency. Due to our extensive writing about English Language Tests for Studying Abroad, we've learned a few tips about passing the prerequisites and entrance exams for studying abroad. 

The IELTS test remains popular despite this. Despite its benefits, IELTS is not always required to study in Canada, even though it is arguably the most well-known English proficiency test. IELTS is not required for admission to a number of top universities in Canada.  

About IELTS 

A language test in English called IELTS is administered in many countries around the world. It is used by many colleges and organizations for determining the English language proficiency of students (or employees) as part of their admissions process. English Language Assessments (ELAs) are some of the most trusted and widely used methods for the assessment of English language proficiency. 

In 2022, it will still be possible to enroll in a Canadian university without having taken IELTS even though it is recognized by the country's immigration authorities. 

Ways to study in Canada without IELTS  

International students' first step should be to check the university's admissions requirements! Several colleges will accept TOEFL, IELTS, and other types of English language assessments, as well as the new Duolingo English Test. 

Furthermore, English-medium school graduates are eligible to enroll at Canadian colleges that require IELTS.  

Ways to get a study visa without IELETS 

Canada study visas can be obtained without IELTS. In Canada, study permits come bundled with temporary resident visas, not study visas as in the traditional sense. 

A university that you wish to attend may require you to take a language test in English.   

Canadian English Language Assessments  

Despite this, most Canadian universities accept IELTS. However, there are alternatives listed below that you might be able to use without taking the test by 2022. These and many other international student admission examinations are included in our comprehensive list. 

You must ALWAYS check the admission requirements for your university before applying as they vary from one university to another: 

  • Person of test  

  • Duolingo English Test 


  • TOEFL 

  • CanTEST 

  • Cambridge Test (CAE / CPE) 

  • CAEL  

Study in Canada without IELTS at these 10 universities 

Due to the fact that there are 96 universities in Canada that accept non-IELTS applicants, all of them cannot be included. The following are 10 that are required: 

  • Concordia University - (CU) 

  • Brock University - (BU) 

  • The University of Toronto - (TU) 

  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland - (MUN) 

  • The University of Regina - (RU) 

  • The University of Prince Edward Island - (PEIU) 

  • The University of Winnipeg - (WU) 

  • The University of Canada West - (CWU) 

  • Thompson Rivers University - (TRU) 

  • The University of Saskatchewan - (SU) 

Required documents for a study visa without IELTS 

For international students applying for a Canadian study permit without taking the IELTS, the following documents will be required: 

  • Proof of English test  

  • Individuality proof  

  • Proof of confirmation of acceptance  

  • Financial support proof  

Obtaining Permanent Residency in Canada without IELTS 

The CELPIP is one of the other recognized English language proficiency tests. The IELTS can be replaced with this test. Possibly, you can become a permanent resident of Canada with the help of close relatives who are Canadian citizens. You may ask this person to sponsor you if they have lived in Canada for more than one year and qualify.  

Canada is one of the top destinations for immigrants due to the excellent facilities and services available to the public. Those who hold work visas or are sponsored by family or employers are not required to take the IELTS exam in order to study or work in Canada. As well as individuals can obtain Canadian Permanent residency without IELTS.  


It is becoming increasingly popular to study in Canada, and many people wish to obtain a study permit without taking the IELTS exam because of the excellent quality of life and high-quality education provided there. Obtaining a degree from a Canadian institution indicates that you will receive an economical and high-quality education. Enrolling in a course of study also provides students with plenty of opportunities for research and internships. May this guide will help you to explore how can you immigrate to Canada without IELTS.  


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