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Sunday, April 14, 2024
5 Benefits Of Using Turkish Towels

5 Benefits Of Using Turkish Towels

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Wed, Apr 20, 22, 23:40, 2 Yaers ago
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Turkish towels or peshtemals have been used in Turkish hammams for a long time. These towels originated in Turkey during the 17th century and were an integral part of their bathing ritual.

Turkish towels or peshtemals have been used in Turkish hammams for a long time. These towels originated in Turkey during the 17th century and were an integral part of their bathing ritual. If you haven’t used Turkish towels in the past, here are a few benefits of using them:

  1. Turkish Towels Are Lightweight:

Turkish towels are made using a unique looming technique that makes them thin and lightweight. This makes them easy to pack and carry. If you’re travelling and need to pack light, there’s nothing better than a peshtemal. They take up less room and are easy to store as well. Since they are lightweight and dry quickly, you can carry them to the gym or the beach easily without worrying about packing a wet towel.

  1. Turkish Towels Are Versatile:

Whoever said Turkish towels can be used after a bath? You can use it as a summer blanket for your little one, use it as a picnic blanket or tablecloth, or carry one on your flight journey. You can spread it on the beach as a towel, or drape one as a sarong or scarf. With some DIY, you can shape it into a tote bag as well. Designer Turkish towels can be used for home décor to decorate your patio or bathroom.

  1. Turkish Towels Are Skin Friendly:

Typically, Turkish towels are made using Turkish cotton, that’s widely appreciated for its long fibres. With fewer joints, these towels are soft and kinder to your skin. And unlike terry towels that become scratchy over time, Turkish towels become softer over use. Loopys Turkish towels are made using 100% organic Turkish cotton and are all-natural with no chemicals, synthetic dyes, or pesticides. Similarly, we do not recommend using softeners as the silicone in these softeners makes them water repellent. All of these qualities make these towels skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

  1. Turkish Towels Are Super Absorbent:

As earlier said, the long fibres in these towels make them super absorbent. However, they’re not as absorbent as Egyptian towels, which is actually a benefit because they dry quickly but don’t absorb too much moisture from the atmosphere. The best thing about these towels is that they can withstand the test of time and last longer than any average towel. This quality is especially helpful in a humid climate since you don’t want the towel to get damp and harbour mildew or mould.

  1. Turkish Towels Look Luxurious And Elegant:

At Loopys, you can choose from a range of designer towels available in a range of colours and designs. They even make the perfect gift for newlyweds and add a touch of luxury to a hotel room.

Resource Box: The author manages an online Turkish towel store. She sells a wide range of Turkish towels at affordable prices.


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