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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
What are the types of Backlinks?

What are the types of Backlinks?

Posted in: Ecommerce
Tue, Jun 15, 21, 08:28, 4 Months ago
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Manual Link Building: It is a link that we create by ourselves. Take it and release it and paste it anywhere. The advice for manual link building is that if you want to create a backlink with a “buy”, it should be like buying an editorial article and linking back to our website.

Types of Backlinks

Natural-Editorial: It's a backlink that doesn't cost money to buy. This is caused by the content on our web is good, digital marketing Lahore, and useful. Then there are other websites referring to the content. Write to and link back.

Manual Link Building: It is a link that we create by ourselves. Take it and release it and paste it anywhere. The advice for manual link building is that if you want to create a backlink with a “buy”, it should be like buying an editorial article and linking back to our website. Through quality websites, not spam websites, or if you want to create your own Backlinks, then the easiest way. It might start with Owned assets, for example, creating video content on Youtube with links back to your website, creating social channels, and creating your own blogs, etc.

Non-Editorial: These are links that come back from comments on websites. that allow the general public to write comments.

Characteristics of a good backlink

1) Must be from a reputable website and reliable

How to see what kind of website looks trustworthy is that after you use a backlink check program, you can click on various links. If the web page you click on is a website you know. Show that the website is a famous website, or if you click the link to see find a website with information well written And beautifully designed web pages Show that it is a reliable backlink.

For backlinks from untrusted websites, how do you look?

The advice is to look at the content of the information. And beauty, if you click on the backlink of a competitor's website and you come across a website, you don't know. no material content Or not beautiful like this is a backlink from a web source that is not reliable.

The content on the web is short, short, unattractive, web development Company Lahore, and sometimes the content is not related to the keyword.

2) Must be a link from the content, Because the links that are pressed in from the content will score more Links from the sidebar or footer

3) Links located at the top there is a chance of being pressed more than the link below.

4) Links from the text that are related to keywords are more powerful than links from Generic links.

Use a backlink check program to see the anchor text or you can call the text link, it must be a word that is related to the keyword on our web page.

5) Links from unique domains

Backlinks from multiple domains More useful than links from old domains that have already sent a link to us

6) Links from spam sites are useless.

Links from spam websites. There are hundreds and thousands of links sent to our website. The link is useless, so you don't need to waste time doing it. Take the time to focus on making content on our website to be of better quality.

7) Links are from content related to our web.

A good backlink must come from a site that has content related to our site. The web link sent to us should be a website that has content related to us, such as a link from a pet food website, etc. But if you are a dog shop. But the website that sends the link is a website that sells insurance. This is not good. Because the content is not related to our own web.

8) Links from fresh content

We should always add new articles to make backlinks. It will have better results from old content pages

9) Increasing the number of links coming to our website is a good sign in Google's eyes.

10) Don't worry about backlink spam that we don't create.

 If there are spam links sent to your site that you didn't create yourself, don't worry, Google is not interested in these links anyway. So don't be afraid that someone will tease us. Google has the ability to sort links like this already.

11) Even if links sent from other websites are followed Links, seo company Pakistan, it is considered good.

If the source website is a reliable website If someone clicks that link to our website.


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